Collection: EMF Guardian™ - Silver Lined Fabrics

The best way to avoid radiation-induced sickness is to turn off your wifi router and use your mobile device as sparingly as possible. It's just not worth it to experience what some of my friends have experienced. 

Second, introduce Shungite to your life, by having it touch your body 24/7.

Now, we add another layer of safety - our specially-designed Anti-EMF protection clothing. This is our own design, manufactured to my stringent specifications of using military-grade silver fiber fabric, which is a conductive material that blocks most harmful radiation from even getting to your body.

What makes our product so much better?

Silver is an excellent conductor of electricity, which means it can effectively conduct and disperse EMF radiation. When EMF radiation encounters silver fabric, it is absorbed and conducted away from the body or electronic devices, reducing exposure. Ours has the highest silver content available in a clothing application - 42% of pure silver strands. 

Silver Fabric also blocks EF radiation via reflectivity: Silver fabric has the ability to reflect EMF radiation, much like a mirror reflects light. This means that when EMF radiation hits the surface of silver fabric, it bounces off rather than passing through, further reducing exposure.

Other "EMF Shielding" fabrics which are made with Copper/Nickel, ours are exclusively silver fiber. This is far superior to "Silver-Coated", or "Silver-Lined" fiber, which will wear out rapidly and lose its shielding capability. Silver fiber is not only durable, it's anti-bacterial and therefore has remarkable odor-elimination.

Your eyes, ovaries, testicles have the slowest moving fluids throughout your body. These are the most susceptible to radiation damage. Women attempting to get pregnant, or who have begun the pregnancy are vulnerable: Reuters reported that miscarriages have tripled since the onset of 5G cell towers have propagated.