Shipping Information

We offer free domestic/international shipping on orders of over $125USD

From British Columbia, Canada, we ship using Canada Post. Here are example shipping rates for one item in a 6x9 padded envelope (could fit up to three products). 

Canada Post International - Though there are less expensive service options, we insist on using only tracked parcels.

Shipping Destination Asia Europe USA
Projected Arrival Date 6-28 working days (excluding weekends/holidays $57
6-28 working days (excluding weekends/holidays $57

8-13 Business Days $20.95

note: Free Shipping On Orders Over $125

Canada Post Domestic - Though there are less expensive service options, we insist on using only tracked parcels

Regular ParcelTM - 8 business days - $18.43 (as of 5/1/21)

From United States, certain products are available directly from the US. Those items will have a pulldown option in the product description page, which looks like this:

Items shipped from the US and Canada will be sent and billed individually.

If you would like to save on shipping costs and your item is available in the US, select the US delivery option to save money and reduce delivery time. However, if you have items in your cart coming from Canada and the US, order the Canada items only so we can consolidate everything into one shipment, and save your shipping costs.

Our shipments are up to 72% discount off of rack rates through Shopify Shipping.