Does Shungite have Graphene Content?

Answer: No. Graphene is a mono-layer carbon foil. Fullerenes (of which elite Shungite is 97% Carbon Fullerene) are a tightly-sealed ball of 60 carbons in the configuration of a soccer ball. Though they are both specialized Carbon nanoparticles, there is no graphene in shungite.

Graphene has come to the forefront of awareness recently because of its' inclusion in Covid19 Vaccines. Reports of shedding, and strange "magnetic"

phenomena (keys sticking to chests, etc) have been reported alongside a large increase in vascular diseases and clotting with the introduction of the new Covid Vaccines. When small shards of graphene with unsaturated (exposed for binding) edges become saturated with hydrogens and variants, this is called graphene hydroxide. Graphene hydroxide is very dangerous and can cause clotting issues as tiny shards of Graphene act as razor blades, cutting the small capillaries. Once capillaries are cut and clot, they will never heal, and this can be deadly.

Fullerenes, on the other hand, or locked up quantum spin powerhouses disrupting synthetic spin of EMF's or other man-made toxins. This is the crux of how Shungite restores health and vitality.

Simply put, fullerenes heal miraculously, and graphene oxide kills.

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