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I had been a huge fan of Shungite for years. Having been fascinated with the oscillation of crystals, I purchased a Shungite stone and was amazed by its palpable energy. I charged my water with it, and could instantly taste a difference. I touched it to different energy points - and could feel a 'corkscrew' effect that felt like an unwinding. So I started buying a lot of it for my own personal use - in my bathtub, in a pendant that I wore, in my cat's water dish, in the watering spout for my plants - I had Shungite everywhere, and it was amazing.

Until it wasn't. Some of the pieces seemed to be - just rocks. So I researched how to test for real shungite, and learning that it is a unique rock that is entirely conductive - like copper wiring. And I tested the pieces in my collection, and 1/3 were fake. I googled 'fake shungite' and saw angry testimonials of people who bought fakes. So, on one sleepy evening in February of 2020, I playfully made a website called, "Verifiedshungite.com" and posted an image of one of my rocks, hooked it up to my merchant account, and never finished it. The website literally said, "Your product description here". I forgot about it, totally. Until on April 9, a woman, Cynthia F - purchased a rock off of my website. I couldn't believe it. Why would someone buy a product off of a completely unfinished website? I didn't even have any to sell, so I sent her one of my own collection. But I took it as a sign - this is something I should explore.

Sampling from different sources, including, the most ridiculous vendor of them all for knock-offs (Amazon - their listings for Shungite are downright hilarious)

I found a source through a connection that has supplied me with 100% genuine Shungite. But bowing to the victims of fake Shungite, I made it my purpose to hand-test every single product. My elite Shungite products are even photographed and video captured individually, as I find that the fun in going into Crystal shops is choosing your stone.

So this website is a passion for me. I photograph rocks, and publish them so that you can purchase the one that you see on this site. My kids make the boxes and put on the labels.

I don't know how long I will be able to do this, or how fast I can keep shipments coming through Russia (you probably have noticed I'm constantly in sell-out status). Every item takes me about 10-15 minutes to photograph, process and test. And as of right now, I'm shipping each box myself. I get a thrill out of sending products. Though I have started a number of multi-million dollar businesses, my favorite part is when I get to be in contact with my first customers. It's so fun.

So, that's why this site is here. There was a Harvard Business School study that said that if you can get a customer to return, their chances of doing business with you a third time goes up 800%. This store is delivering a lot of product every day to repeat customers and referrals. That to me is the thing that I care about. If you trust me with your purchase, will you return?

That's why the money-back guarantee. That's why I enjoy this. It's not for the money, it's for the vibrational energy I get from sending you Shungite Rocks.

Thank you for your trust in me, and for referring me to your friends and family as the source to be trusted for "Verified Shungite".


p.s. This is what my desk looks like right now:

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Easy to wear. Verified.

After doing some research, listening to friends, and listening to Gary on YouTube, I was convinced that using and wearing real shungite would help to protect me. My cell phone is ON me almost all the time - usually around my neck, and I am also on computer for many hours a day. I ended up getting pendant, a piece for my cell phone, pieces for my lap top, and a bracelet. Fast shipment. I put everything in place the day they arrived. I wear the bracelet 24/7. The pendant is always on except when sleeping. I appreciate that the pendant length is easily adjustable, and like how it lays flat against my skin. Great info from Gary's online posts, and great buying experience. High recommend.


Attractive. Easy to wear. Comfortable.

Not only beautiful but the real thing!

True to all its description. Very satisfied with my purchase. Compared to other online stores that offer Shungite this is the real deal. This man is telling the truth, the Shungite he sells is so real.


This is the real thing. Very satisfied.

Beautiful necklace

I just love the look of the beautiful necklace I received recently and was surprised at how lightweight it is despite the size that I purchased. Definitely recommend this site as reliable!

Looks and Feels Great!

The bracelet is very lightweight and looks very unique. Feels great to wear.


I couldn't be more pleased with my new Shungite water generator. I love the taste and experience of the water it generates. I've been drinking it plain and using it for tea and coffee, both of which are much better than if I made them using water from any other purification method.

These are great and for change they work. Thank you for a great product.

Exceptional Quality - Exceptional Value

I have searched the internet for a high quality Shungite Water Generator Bottle, and this product is truly the best anywhere. Not only is the quality of the water bottle exceptional, but most importantly the Shungite is prestine! I have order from VERIFIED SHUNGITE in the past and will remain a loyal customer...

ER323 - Type 1 Raw Shungite Earrings Set
Cheryl Manning
worth the wait

Love the earrings!!! I was getting worried but then saw they came from Canada. Their post is slow. Thank you!!!

Grace Goen
Love It, real thing

I love this vendor, I've bought two pendant necklaces from them and I am beyond happy with it. I really do feel more calmness as I live in the middle of the city it helps keep my heart feeling easy and I think it also helps me sleep easier. All just an opinion. No other gem or mineral I've bought has given me such obvious feelings of calmness.

I'm a sensitive with EMF intolerance

I've purchased the beanies, shunghite necklace and shunghite for my phone as well as my partner's phone. I recently purchased the latest and greatest smartphone, and holy **** is it powerful with EMF radiation energy. I'm very happy to report that the shunghite has helped substantially. I still need to wear the beanies, but I bought them because I trust the seller's research and I don't have the headaches I used to. Keep in mind, I've never had headaches before owning this new smartphone. It goes to show, even if you can't see it, it doesn't mean it's not there. EMFs wreak havoc with my chi. I'm glad to have found this website before getting ripped off by others claiming their product worked, when it truly didnt. Authentic shunghite is backed by scientific research that it actually works. Fong's youtube videos saved me money and I have products that have helped. Thank you!!!


I feel and felt the difference by the 2nd day....
Everything that came with anxiety& fears disappeared and I'm feeling good,like my old self again before all of the deaths in my family that had me in a very dark space and place filled with false evidence appearing real (FEAR).
I would definitely recommend this necklace and any Shungite product from Verified Shungite to friends and family.

Bought this for my gf to make sure that emf is being blocked from her body. Well crafter and high quality.

Highest quality, don’t get fooled for fake crystals and gems. Make sure you are getting what you paid for and order from Russian Shungite.

Trusted Shungite Source (Meter Testing on Video) & Fast Shipping

As a previous customer of Gary Fong's other quality products, there was already built-in trust for Gary as a reputable and credible source. New to Shungite, it gave me peace of mind and confidence that Gary is on camera speaking to quality shungite vs fake shungite and how to tell the difference, and meter testing each and every product he carries in his store. I'm 3-hours drive time from his city, and so Canada Post ship time of 2-3 business days works well for me.

As I'm concerned for the health of my wife, 2 adult children and their spouses with respect to EMF emissions, I purchased 6 plates (along with a shungite bracelet for myself) in my first order, and all of us have it installed on our mobile phone cases.

My wife and I enjoyed breakfast at a local restaurant last week, and she felt especially congested a few minutes into being seated. I pointed the wife router installed directly on the ceiling about 6 feet above her as a potential cause. Just to cover all bases, I shared my shungite bracelet with her to wear to see if it will help. When our food arrived, she shared that she felt less congested than before, and that gave me extra confidence about the additional health benefits of shungite. Needless to say, she's been wearing my shungite bracelet for a week, and I bought her a women's beaded bracelet this evening so I can get my own bracelet back, ha!

With "buying local" in mind, and Gary's high level of customer service with personally responding to my questions over chat, I have extreme confidence in Gary's continued support of his customers and the legitimacy of his product line, and will continue to purchase more products from VerifiedShungite.com. Thanks, Gary! Appreciate what you're bringing to market and your personalized customer support!

Armando Marcos
Still waiting

Unfortunaly I have not received it yet, got an updated that says March 8 I'll be waiting


Very happy with my Shungite cellphone plate, great size and weight for my cellphone. Adheres nicely with the 3m sticker. Even came with registration papers for authenticity. So happy to add to my shungite collection all from Verified Shungite. Highly recommend, excellent quality and service.

My Shungite Pendant

I really, do not know yet. I just, got it today.

Lovin my Shungite necklace!!

I contemplated buying a shungite necklace for over 2 years...I am electro sensitive and really needed some kind of real protection. I finally bit the bullet and ordered...My necklace arrived quickly and I started wearing it immediately. I can honestly say..It works for me..I wish i hadnt waited but I was prevented due to lack of money. I was reluctant due to the fakes getting around (the poor man always pays twice). Just do it...I hope you are helped as much as i was.

Liz Spencer
Shungite is a Master Healer and a life changer 🥰

I've placed 3 orders with Gary at Verified Shungite and love all of my purchases. They arrive promptly and are beautifully packaged. I love how lightweight the stone is in my pendant necklace, and how it feels against my skin. It's become part of me and I never want to take it off. I also love the 2 large Elite Shungite stones. I keep one in each front pocket, and together with the necklace I feel like I'm wearing a kryptonite shield against EMF pollution. :-D I've also received some Shungite plates for our phones, laptops and iPads. When my EMF meter arrives I will show my friends how powerful Shungite is in protecting us. On a side note, we are also infusing our drinking and plant water with some elite Shungite chips. Our plants are thriving like crazy. A few chips in a vase of fresh flowers makes the flowers last 3x longer than without, and the plants I'm propagating in a vase with a few chips in it are growing roots like I've never seen before. This stuff is pure magic from Mother Nature. Thank you Gary and Verified Shungite for making this available to us and for your invaluable YouTube videos. Shungite is a Master Healer and a life changer. I'll never forget you. 🥰

Beautiful stone

Excellent quality, thanks!