New Radiation Tests - USB Cord is Extremely High in Radiation!

I just uploaded some new videos showing the shielding effect of shungite vs EMF/EF/RF sources, due to popular demand. Some viewers have had great questions about testing, so I thought it would be a great idea to load up more content. Readers had some great questions, such as:

Q. Does the Shungite "block" all EMF's in a room? - this comes from a number of websites that promote the use of type 2 "pyramids" citing optimum square footage limits for a single block of Type 2 Shungite. 

Answer: In my experience and real-world testing, I found little benefit in placing a block of shungite in a room with a high level of radiation. The profound benefit I could feel is when the Shungite stone is actually touching my skin, and even more perceivable when I touch it to any of my Chakras. Chakras are what I like to describe as "USB Ports" for your nervous system. This makes total sense when you consider that Shungite works on a quantum level, generating a powerful "natural state spin" to reverse, nullify and mute the "synthetic spin" disruption of synthetic sources, such as alternating current electricity (producing high EMF's) or pharmaceuticals. I have found that Shungite water completely will make a symptomatic synthetic cold remedy (such as Tylenol) ineffective when taken together with Shungite water. This is why I like to recommend that people drink Shungite-exposed water first thing in the morning (followed by Celery Juice) and last thing at night.

Q. Does Shungite need to be "between" you and the emission source?

Answer: No. Here is a great video showing how the measured radiation levels (dangerously high levels) are measured from the end of a USB cord as it is plugged into the wall. As you will notice, when I put the Shungite behind the radiation source (so that there is nothing between the cord and the tri-field meter, the meter drops to normal when the Shungite is placed behind the cord. Also, note that the meter readings are very, very affected by distance. When the cord is pulled away, even by inches, you notice that the meter drops. This is not to say that radiation emitted from sources disappears with distance, it's just that the intensity drops according to the inverse-square rule. The meter is merely a tool to show the differences in radiation. This makes sense, as a cell tower may be quite far from you, but you are absorbing radiation from it. However, having Shungite touch your body's most conductive "touch points" is protective because of the counter-spin quality of the powerful Shungite.


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