Water Purification With Shungite

Shungite was first discovered by inhabitants of the village Shunga, when Copper miners suddenly fell ill to a gas coming out of the mine.

Miners who drank from a water from the nearby Lake Onega were suddenly cured of their illnesses. This prompted Russian Szar "Peter The Great" to travel to the lake and create a renowned wellness spa. He directed his soldiers to dip in the lake before going to battle.

What followed was a string of improbable victories, many which were credited to the vitality of the soldiers after bathing in the lake.

The Russian Tsarist Army then used Shungite Stones to purify their water in remote locations, as it was not always possible to boil water in severe military conditions.

I have Shungite water in everything. In my amazingly thriving plant pots, in my cat's water bowl, of course my drinking water, and I use large elite stones to counterspin the water in my bathtub.

It's not a good idea to try to drink the black fullerene powder. If it is not ground down to 7-9nm in size (nanoparticle scale), then the chunks of C60 powder will clog your liver. Also - never boil a shungite stone. It will create singlet Oxygen which is to be avoided for health and safety.

For myself I found the best and most profound effect was experienced when I drink it on a completely empty stomach. First before going to bed, whenever I wake up in the middle of the night (greatly aids in sleep and prevents acid reflux) and first thing in the morning. The empty stomach is important, if it is filled with, say, cookies, and you throw in Shungite water, it will not be effective.

We designed a custom bottle specifically for drinking. Here's a video:

Here is a video on the use and upkeep of our Shungite Water Bottle.


Does Shungite Leach Heavy Metals Into Water?

In a recent 2021 study, Type 3 Shungite was shown to leech heavy metals into the water, including nickel, copper, lead, cadmium, zinc, chromium and arsenic. Our Shungite contains none of the heavy metals that were shown in the study, as proven in our certification tests. Please click here to read all about it!.

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