AiresTech in-depth analysis and bench test

I was asked to test the AiresTech Lifetune sticker for efficacy in attenuating the harmful effects as they claim in their product literature, press releases, and website. In doing so, I also did a close examination of the demonstration video, the representation graphic of efficacy in "cooling" the skull and reducing "heat" from a mobile device.

The product is shown in their featured video as working by highlighting before and after photos which show that without the LifeTune device, the skull is "green", but without the device, and with close exposure (contact to skull) of the mobile device, the skull readout turns a concerning "red". The video shows the test subjects completely amazed at the "power" of the small adhesive button in wiping out the "red" display.

The issue here is that Dr. Nicholas J. Dogris uses an EEG test to "pull" these "red-skull" test results. The problem here is that the QEEG device that he used does not, in any way, measure heat. It merely has electrodes that detect electrical activity from the brain, seeking anomolies (which show as red) in the test subject. An anomoly can be hyperstimulation, it could also be null, with no activity. Both would be anomolies, and neither has anything to do with heat.

This test uses an inappropriate measurement device to come with the wrong conclusion. It would be like using a bathroom scale to determine what breed of dog is standing on it.

I then tested the Lifetune device using widely accepted scientific method protocols of testing. That is - have one control situation, one "test" situation, and add the experiment protocol to see if there is a difference. Using EMF protection fabric and a multimeter, I show that the presence of the fabric attenuates the flux of electric field voltage almost completely.

I did the same protocol with a piece of Shungite, showing the immediate drop in EF as soon as it was introduced in the proximity of the multi-meter, but was careful not to block it. The last subject was the Aries Lifetune, which had no attenuation at all. It did nothing whatsoever. (there is a momentary drop as I introduce the device, as I am wearing a Shungite bracelet on my left hand).

It shows that in this test - I can conclude that using the same protocol for all subjects, there was no change in EF flux from the AiresTech device.

I then did an examination of their patents, and did not find a single patent for their "nanotechnology" invention. They falsely claim that they have 25 patents, yet I found only one expired Russian patent for "eye protection" using the same graphical pattern as the Lifetune Device.

There were a plurality of "Canadian Industrial Design Certificates" which are not patents, and I found one U.S. Design Patent for their artwork pattern. A design patent protects the "look" of the patented item. It does not offer protection for any utility whatsoever.

Dr. Dogris represents that his test (using a QEEG machine) shows/proves that the Aries device "reduces heat", because the increased brainwave activity causes heat which in turns is damaging to the brain. In reality, what he has done is use a measurement device that does not measure the conclusion that he is reporting, as EEG's do not sense heat.

Also, as an expert on EEG, he should explain that the "red" displays anomolies in brainwave activity when compared to other subjects with similar profiles. This is misleading, and is conduct that raises a lot of concern.

This test was provoked by someone who contacted me, who was heartbroken after having spent a tremendous amount of money on these stickers, only to find that they did nothing. There are a lot of people who are suffering from the effects of EMF exposure, desperately looking for a solution. This is fertile ground for predatory practices from medical professionals "docsplaining" technicalities that the lay person would have no idea how to verify or debunk.

I am preparing a strategy to eradicate this type of marketing. If you feel victimized by AiresTech, please contact me via the comments below.

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