Shungite Water Removes Radioactive Compounds: 2017 Peer-reviewed Publication

In 2017, researchers worked tirelessly to come up with a solution to purify the radioactive contaminated water that came as a result of the Fukashima Nuclear Reactor accident. The Fukushima accident was a nuclear disaster caused by a tsunami, leading to reactor meltdowns. Their conclusions were widely known in the scientific community: (click here to read article)

"Researchers at Rice University and Kazan Federal University in Russia have found a way to extract radioactivity from water and said their discovery could help purify the hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water stored after the Fukushima nuclear plant accident...

They reported that their oxidatively modified carbon (OMC) material is inexpensive and highly efficient at absorbing radioactive metal cations, including cesium and strontium, toxic elements released into the environment when the Fukushima plant melted down after an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011...

"Just passing  through OMC filters will extract the  and permit safe discharge to the ocean," he said. "This could be a major advance for the cleanup effort at Fukushima."

OMC2 (from shungite) in the same concentrations adsorbed 70 percent of cesium and 47 percent of strontium.

The researchers were surprised to see that plain shungite particles extracted almost as much cesium as its oxidized counterpart. "Interestingly, plain shungite was used by local people for water purification from ancient times," Dimiev said. "But we have increased its efficiency many times, as well as revealed the factors behind its effectiveness."

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