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EMF Guardian™ - Infant Shield - Silver Fiber Fabric - Hooded/Nursing Blanket

EMF Guardian™ - Infant Shield - Silver Fiber Fabric - Hooded/Nursing Blanket

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The number of miscarriages are a matter of concern worldwide as the numbers continue to climb, right around the time that 5G radiation was implemented worldwide. While cause/effect is a topic of raging debate, one thing for certain: if you shield the baby from radiation - by whatever means available to you, it's a prudent decision. I sourced a number of products, and found that some are effective, and some are not. 

Ours are tested to be effective, and tested for conductivity and shielding. Here is a video of the testing:

Our EMF Blocking Baby Blankets has a full layer of shielding material lining the fabric, rather than just having the fabric unlined.

Premium Materials for Superior Safety:
- Outer Layer: Popcorn 100% Organic Cotton
- Inner Layer: 42% Silver Fiber Fabric

Key Features:
- Luxuriously soft and comfortable popcorn-style layer for your baby's utmost comfort.
- Crafted to safeguard your child from harmful EMF radiation wherever your adventures take you.
- Innovative hooded feature for swaddling, ensuring comprehensive protection for both body and head.
- Versatile and adaptable – it's a baby stroller cover, a changing pad, and a cozy receiving blanket all in one.
- An essential addition to your diaper bag for on-the-go EMF protection.
- The perfect gift for new moms, offering not only comfort but also peace of mind.

Care Instructions:
- Gently wash with clean water or use a neutral detergent to maintain its effectiveness.
- Say no to bleach or detergents containing bleaching components.
- Please note, that it's unsuitable for machine washing, as we prioritize your baby's safety and the blanket's shielding capabilities.

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