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EMF Guardian™ Beanie - Genuine Silver Fiber Fabric

EMF Guardian™ Beanie - Genuine Silver Fiber Fabric

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Between 1995 and 2015, aggressive malignant brain tumor incidence doubled. (source Journal Of Environmental and Public Health). These cancers were primarily in the rontal and temporal lobe areas, by your ear and forehead. The author of this study concluded that "cell phones are the most likely cause".

The smartphone was introduced in 1994. It's logical to conclude that cell phone radiation is the likely culprit. 

What makes our product so much better?

Military Grade Silver Fiber - Silver is an excellent conductor of electricity, which means it can effectively conduct and disperse EMF radiation. When EMF radiation encounters silver fabric, it is absorbed and conducted away from the body or electronic devices, reducing exposure.

Silver Fabric also blocks EF radiation via reflectivity: Silver fabric has the ability to reflect EMF radiation, much like a mirror reflects light. This means that when EMF radiation hits the surface of silver fabric, it bounces off rather than passing through, further reducing exposure.

Other "EMF Shielding" fabrics which are made with Copper/Nickel, ours are exclusively silver fiber. This is far superior to "Silver-Coated", or "Silver-Lined" fiber, which will wear out rapidly and lose its shielding capability. Silver fiber is not only durable, it's anti-bacterial and therefore has remarkable odor-elimination.

Other Features and Benefits

  1. Anti-Odor: The breathable fabric is hypoallergenic and is antibacterial. Because it is antibacterial, it repels odors.

  2. One Size Fits All: The cap accommodates most head sizes, making it suitable for kids to adults with large (XL) head sizes.


  • Outer Layer: 53% Cotton
  • Inner Layer: 42% Silver Fiber
  • Additional: 5% Polyester

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your EMF shielding beanie, please follow these care instructions:

  1. Hand Wash Gently: Use pure or distilled water for washing.
  2. Avoid Bleach: Do not use bleach, as it may damage the fabric and conductivity.
  3. Shade Drying: Lay it flat in the shade to dry, avoiding direct sunlight.
  4. No Ironing: Please do not iron the beanie.
  5. No Machine Wash: Avoid machine washing to prevent damage to the silver fibre.
  6. No Dry Cleaning: Do not take it to a dry cleaner.

Remember, pure silver has natural antibacterial properties, so minimal washing is recommended. If you must wash it, do so with care to maintain its shielding efficiency.

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