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EMF Guardian™ - Fertility Shield. Silver Fiber Lined Fabric

EMF Guardian™ - Fertility Shield. Silver Fiber Lined Fabric

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If you are trying to conceive - or planning on it, I highly recommend wearing one of these as much as possible.

Reports like these are showing up in alarming numbers on the media - miscarriage rates have skyrocketed since the implementation of 5G radiation. Here is the latest article that just popped up: (click here to see full article)

The human body has three areas that are really susceptible to radiation damage, as they contain fluids that move the slowest, in terms of volume. They are the testes, the eyes (the vitreous humor that fills the eyeball) and the ovaries. To be safe, and to have ease of mind while on your fertility journey, we offer our EMF shielding skirt.

Always wear this at night. Even with all of the wifi off in the house, and with your phones turned off, there is a lot of ambient radiation from neighbors, satellites, nearby streetlamps, smartmeters, etc. The more time you can have a "break" from EMF exposure - the better.

Made with industrial-grade silver fabric, we hand test these items for their EMF blocking capabilities (against a Tri-Field Meter) and conductivity/resistance on a multimeter. You can see the testing video in the product gallery. 
Made from a breathable and lightweight fabric, this skirt provides optimal comfort against your skin. Crafted entirely from 100% silver fabric, it ensures maximum shielding effectiveness without compromising on style or wearability.

What makes our product so much better?

Other "EMF Shielding" fabrics which are made with Copper/Nickel, ours are exclusively silver fiber. This is far superior to "Silver-Coated", or "Silver-Lined" fiber, which will wear out rapidly and lose its shielding capability. Silver fiber is not only durable, it's anti-bacterial and therefore has remarkable odor-elimination.

Our one-size-fits-all skirt comes with an adjustable belt, catering to every body size and offering the flexibility you need as your belly grows. The EMF Shielding Skirt acts as a powerful barrier, shielding your unborn child from radiofrequency radiation and phone signals.

Caring for your EMF Shielding Skirt:
- Gently hand wash with care to maintain its effectiveness.
- Air dry for optimal results and longevity.
- Avoid bleaching, dry cleaning, and ironing above 110°C 


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