Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Shungite? The difference is purity. Type 1 is ~97% Fullerene Content. Type 2 is ~75% Fullerene Content. Type 1 is the most powerful naturally-occuring fullerene source found anywhere on earth. But it is too fragile to be manufactured into shapes. Type 2 is far more durable, and can be manufactured into shapes. It is completely conductive to electrical current and is a very powerful spin generator. It is highly recommended for wearing as it is on your skin 24/7 (should be worn as much as possible).

QUESTION: What is the black powder? Is it dangerous? 

That is fullerene powder. It's all Carbon in a "soccer ball" configuration. It's not only safe, it's powerfully protective and healing. Shungite powder is used for many things, bathing, skin treatment. The reason I don't offer it is I have no way of testing if it is authentic or not. c60 powder, mixed with a suspension of olive oil, was shown to increase the lifespan of laboratory rats by nearly double! (click here to see the article)

Here's a photo of my kid's hands helping me as we test products before cleaning in ultrasonic cleaners, (they are very inexpensive! click here).

It comes off very easily in soap and water.


QUESTION: Is there Customs Duties Tax to be added when shipping to the United States? There is no duty for purchases of under $800. Please see:

QUESTION: Can you please tell us where is it best to attach the Shungite plates? to laptop and cell phone?  On your cellphone - As you see, this will be over the case cover, and will naturally create a handle for your fingertips to touch. Having the plates touch your fingertips whenever you are using the phone is what makes it so effective. You should also have bracelets on the phone 'holding wrist if possible. Having said that - with phones having so much radiation - please put it in airplane mode whenever you are not looking at the screen. On your laptop - if you have access to a tri-field EMF meter, run it around the bottom of your laptop to find exactly where the highest reading occurs. If you don't, see if you can borrow one. I know for mac laptops, it's highest right over the motherboard. I'll try to test a number of laptops and tape it for YouTube. Definitely never let that laptop sit on your lap while in use. Live electronics near you are hazardous. When they touch you, they're very dangerous. For a laptop you should have at least three sets of plates (one under each wrist on top) two strategically located beneath. For tablets two sets (of two) and for mobile phones, one set, arranged vertically, as shown.

QUESTION:  Since we have them on our teenage daughters as well. How susceptible are the shungites to breaking if dropped? Elite Type 1 Shungite is more brittle than glass. Type 2 is more durable. So don't wear Type 1's when doing anything active - I guarantee it will break. 

QUESTION: Does the shungite have to be worn on the outside of your clothes or will it work underneath clothes, just as well? I did a static discharge test by rubbing my feet on my carpet and touching a mylar foil drape I have hanging over my canopy bed. Without holding the Shungite, I got quite a 'zap' of discharge - releasing my positive ions into the grounding mylar sheet. However by holding the Shungite in my hand, there was no shock. Holding the shungite in a cloth in my hand there was a small shock, teaching me that direct contact is more grounding. As to Shungite's ability to ward off incoming counter-spin from synthetics, it really doesn't matter where on your body it's worn. If you drop a pebble in a still pond in front of you, does it matter if it fell off your shoulder, or dropped out of your mouth? You still send out a counteracting ripple to attenuate the incoming harmful vibrational ripple of an opposite-spinning synthetic source. So the short answer is - best on your skin, but still great over a layer of clothing

QUESTION: Can you wear it while showering or should you take it off?

 I wear mine all the time. I feel naked without them on. Here's an interesting thing that I journaled. One time while soaking in the tub, I was meditating into hemi-sync, and the hexagon pendant started to float on the surface of the water.  I have heard a crystal store owner say that shungite must be washed often. This is silly. When you receive Shungite, you'll notice a black silt that comes off in your hands - those are fullerenes. Similar to pencil lead (graphite is also carbon) the stuff is great for you - Shungite powder is used in EMF blocking paint, and even fed to laboratory rats in studies which resulted in a 93% longer lifespan (click here). Shungite (especially deep mine) has sat deep in the earth for thousands of years, and the rock is billions of years old. It doesn't need to be washed or "recharged under a full moon". I know of one local crystal store owner who sells specialized orange rocks to "clean" shungite! - and who said that Shungite wears out after two years and needs to be replaced. That piece of Shungite you are holding is over two billions of years old. It's not going to lose its charge.

QUESTION: To Energize and purify a litre of water, what shungite is recommended?

 Higher concentration of Fullerenes has more potent power to work quicker to vibrationally neutralize harmful elements in water. Having said that, a smaller fullerene content will eventually neutralize that same amount of water if you leave it in longer. Experiment with your fullerenes in the following manner: take one of your Type 1's and put it in the bottom of a glass (not plastic) glass. Pour water on it. You will eventually see the rocks infused with bubbles. This is nitrogen gas escaping from the pressure of the water. And then taste the water - it will taste silkier (some say 'oilier'?). 

Shungite will not remove the solute content of water. It just doesn't make sediment disappear. What it does is it neutralizes the synthetic and disruptive spin energy from the toxins. There's a lot of confusion about this topic - again, I have to bring people back to the basics. Shungite works by reversing the harmful effects of counter-rotational synthetic spin.

QUESTION: To Energize and purify a normal size of tub for a bath, how many elites does it take to be ready?

I have a cereal-bowl size of elites that I keep in the tub continuously. That's right - when I am treating with Shungite, I do not drain the tub after each use. It's not for me to bathe in when I immerse in Shungite (no soaps, shampoos, etc). It's for soaking. The longer you leave Shungite in, the longer it has to outlast/overpower the synthetic spin in the water's contaminates. When working with water, you don't need the largest rocks, smaller ones will do (should be over 10g or they'll wind up falling down the drain - I know this by experience!). Remember also that smaller stones have more surface area exposed to the water. Large stones work fine of course, as the entirety of an elite stone is homogenous (which is why it reacts so quickly to an electrical current test - showing full conductivity). 

I've had great success leaving the tub filled overnight. Bring in a hot fan into your bathroom (at the greatest distance from the tub for safety and to reduce EF exposure) and heat the room up - as the water will be room temperature.

QUESTION: Do you believe that Shungite water can cure a serious toenail fungal infection Most of the research that has been published tout the anti-viral properties of Shungite, not the anti-bacterial properties. So I can't answer that one with any certainty. Bacteria occur naturally on earth, having an overrun of bacteria (infection) is more an affliction of the body's inability to keep the population in check. I would be careful of expecting shungite to offer symptomatic relief. Its greatest power is in harmonizing the spin of natural vibrational energy. Again, anything synthetic (man-made) such as microwave radiation, alternating current electricity, synthesized plastics, pharmaceuticals - anything man-made spins opposite of nature an attenuates your own natural electrical attachment to all that surrounds you. The best way to cure afflictions such as acute infections would be to touch large elites to your chakra points as a continuous practice, preferably with barefeet on the grass, and breathe slowly into the lower diaphragm while doing so. Because your chakra points (or Dantians, as known in chinese medicine) are your body's lowest resistance points - think of them as USB ports to connect healing peripherals (horrible analogy, but easy to understand). "Plugging" an elite shungite to a low-resistance chakra point helps to reverse the invasive spin that is making your electrical vibrance polluted and weak.

QUESTION: How do you (Gary) use Shungite?

I have had years of fascination with crystals and especially Shungite. I experiment with it on everything - this is why I know things like, "don't just wedge it against your router".

There are two aspects of effective Shungite use: 1) proximity to your body and 2) amount of time you are exposed to it. This is why I am such a fan of wearable Shungite. I wear a Pendant of Elite Type 1 Noble Shungite as a necklace. This pure 99% Fullerene stone is placed between my throat chakra and my solar plexus naturally by the length of the cord. (I'll answer what a 'chakra' is in the next question). I wear a rectangular-tile bracelet on each wrist. And I carry a large (flat as I can find) Elite Shungite Stone in each pocket. When meditating, I place one large Elite on my third-eye chakra (between the eyes to unwind the pineal gland) and one on the throat, or if I'm feeling attacked by the anxiety of others, over my heart or below my navel.

I bathe in Shungite (I have a lot of elite stones, it's the most valuable thing on earth one can purchase). I fill the tub and let my many stones neutralize the water for an hour or two. The water can get cool in the tub, but it's refreshing.

I have Elite Shungite stones in my plant watering jug. I have a lot of plants, and keep them away from electronic devices. I also use jug to fill the pet's water bowls.

I put it in my glass water containers, about 10g per 16oz of water. I usually have an excess of stones in water containers, but they are amazing. The water tastes more "slippery". When you pour cold water over an elite shungite stone in a glass, you may notice bubbles surrounding the stone. That's nitrogen being released from the water, normally trapped by osmotic pressure. 

QUESTION: Should I place Shungite near my WIFI Router?

ANSWER: No. If you have a Tri-field EMF/RF/EF meter, walk around your house and you will be shocked to see how many sources of radiation exposure exist, and the high levels they give off. Things you never thought would be so toxic, like Hues "Smart" bulbs, Alexa, Sonos Speakers, "Nest" thermostat controllers, your WIFI enabled printer... all of these are sources of high levels of radiation emitting 24/7 giving you extended exposure. Of course, the best thing to do would be to turn off all of these items (or get rid of the ones you don't use) because an electrified house electrifies you.

This is why putting a big pyramid next to a router would be like plugging only one hole in a leaky dam. The best thing is to de-electrify you. Having Shungite on your skin has been proven to counter-spin harmful synthetic energy - which is so destructive to the natural order of living things, and the Universe that we're a part of. The Universe spins in a positive direction, the same direction as the benzene ring of the Carbon atom. When 60 carbon atoms are bound into a configuration of a soccer ball (the "fullerene" molecule) the trapped bond affinity of all of these carbon atoms generate a powerful positive spin, neutralizing all synthetic influences, such as EMFs, toxins, stress.

QUESTION: What Is with the Black Dust?

ANSWER: Fullerenes. That is black graphite dust, "Fullerenes" and it's completely safe (though it looks filthy). In fact, black shungite powder in paint; is used to preserve bee hives (click here) and is used to lengthen the lifespans of laboratory mice. (click here)

QUESTION: What do you mean by "Synthetics"?

ANSWER: Anything made by man is Synthetic. Synthetic substances all have the disruptive quality of having a quantum counter-spin. This is why they are so damaging to health. The earth has had millions of years perfecting a safe environment for all living things, but with the advent of synthetics (rubber-soled shoes, electricity, microwaves, alternating current electricity) we are bombarded by synthetic, man-made creations that have the annoying quality of counter-spin. This is why Shungite is purifying. It's like noise-reduction headphones, which counteracts the noise by sending back an echo of the noise in the opposite phase, thereby cancelling the noise. Shungite sends out quantum vibrational energy that is out-of-phase with synthetics, neutralizing their influence. As you'll see in my "Proof" section where I share published scientific articles, Shungite has been proven to be anti-viral (even dissolving the protein capsule of the AIDS virus), extending the lifespan of laboratory mice by 93%, and especially, reversing the offensive counter-spin of Electrical Radiation.

QUESTION: What are Chakras? How do crystals work on Chakras?

ANSWER: Chakras are points on the body with low electrical resistance, and high conductivity. That's really it. There's nothing mysterious to them. They're like where you would plug in your USB cord to connect a hard drive. Our bodies are entirely electricity. Everything our body does is electrical - muscle stimulation, the pacemaker in our heart, brain activity, it's all electricity. Chakras are like the data ports. They are also areas which show if you are vibrating out of sync. Each chakra (these are also called "Dantians" in Chinese Medicine) has a unique frequency, like a guitar string that is in tune. For example, the crown chakra, when vibrating in the proper frequency, vibrates at 768hz. When you are bombarded by lower-vibrational energy (like watching too much CNN News), your vibrational energy can start to go out of tune, vibrating lower. Crystals which oscillate at the same or multiples of the same frequency, or harmonious in thirds and fifths above, when placed directly on the chakra, will create a situation called, "frequency following response" or FFR. This means that your chakra will "tune up" to resonate with the surrounding frequency. It is irritating to the body to be out of tune, like hearing a guitar out of tune. This is why Chakra healing works, on a quantum level.

With Shungite, it will not create an FFR situation with your chakras, but what it will do is neutralize the counter-spin. It's actually preventative. By eliminating all that attenuates, stops, or reverses positive natural spin (by synthetics), Shungite stops negative spin influences, allowing the chakra's frequency on its own to return to its natural state. This is why large Elite 1 rocks are so valuable (and why they sell out instantly on my store when I have them available). They are amazing for restoring harmony to your electrical system, which has been fogged by synthetic influences.


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Haven't noticed anything major though I do feel lot more comfortable while being in high EMF areas

The shungite looks very fancy already but becomes even more beautiful when the sun shines on it which is a plus

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12.45g elite pendant

Not much to say. Excellent quality, can feel the protection when in cities or around cell/5g towers. Satisfied completely

Shungite Ultrasonic Cleanser
Deborah Donie Seligson
Sonic. Cleaner

Works great and so easy!

Elegant and Effective!

I bought 2 of these excellent Shungite medallions last year to combat harmful radiation from various everyday devices. Last week, while listening to Clif High's podcast, he mentioned how extraordinarily effective even a tiny piece of Shungite is (much smaller than the ones I have ordered from Verified Shungite); Mr. High has invented and patented many measuring instruments, and he measured the resistance in a tiny chunk of Shungite, finding it to be remarkably efficient at reducing to nearly nil the radiation from a computer. Now I'm assured my laptop, my cellphone, etc., cannot harm me if I'm wearing my Type 2 Verified Shungite necklace. I only remove mine to shower; otherwise, I wear it 24/7. This is what "peace of mind" is all about in today's world. Just bought my 3rd medallion. My best regards to you, Mr. Fong!

Shungite Tile bracelet!

Great bracelet! I feel more protected when i hold my phone and in general from emf’s….and easy to wear 24/7💃🏻

I believe my Shungite pendant has helped my arrhythmia

Wonderful service and I’m happy to know that the Shungite I purchased is authentic. I was hoping the Shungite would help with my ongoing heart issues (arrhythmia) and I’m happy to say I think it has had a positive effect. Overall I can highly recommend this product and this company.

Joseph Lo
Very Happy

This is a very valuable peice of Elite Shungite that I ordered here. It is authentic as I did do my own testing. I am very greatful that a trust worthy source of Shungite is available through this website. Thank you Gary Fong!

I wipe it down then as soon as I put it around my neck I noticed it was doing something special, energetically I felt more at ease and for a few days I was sleeping soundly as if protected by a shield, I'm still experimenting with this light being

Carbon Dust

Love the necklace but the Carbon was turning my neck black. I now wear the beads on my wrist with no issue.

Balancing quality

My daughter and I ordered 2 raw elite pendants and 1 obelisk. We both feel that the all the pendants balance our energy, make us feel calm, content and not wanting to part with it. It doesn't even let me yell at my husband ( ha-ha).

Great design

Thanks for producing the water bottle. I'm loving it. It's easy, beautifully designed, and a great use of smaller pieces of shungite.

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Got my cell phone a short while ago. Still trying to learn how to use it. Put the Shungite disk on it to be safe and protected. Haven't noticed anything yet, but I feel more comfortable with it on the cell phone.

my braclet

I really like the product but when I contacted the company to ask about the sizing of the bracelets - as I have an average female wrist. - they told me to order the large. It was way too big - and I had to get it taken to a jewellers to get it sized properly and had to spend an extra $30. If you have an average female sized wrist do not get the large.


I love my shungite insulated water bottle. I'm very happy with my purchase and the service is excellent. Thank you Gary!

Mary Dama
Shungite Pendant

Love the pendant and like how it adjusts. quality.

My Friends friends are coming shopping.

I gifted a lady friend for her cell, she had a lunch date with a group of her friends, and all were interested. Time will tell.
I have the large one on my laptop and two of the cell discs on my flat screen. Again time will tell as to the effects.

Thank you for getting these out.


Have you received any positive feed back. I was made aware of cell dangers when they first came ot as I was selling them, back when they were analogue. ow does digital now affect the body??

have you read George Carlos' book, "Cellphones"??



I just received my bracelet yesterday AND it is of great quality as well as it looks really good on my wrist!
Since there is a stretch band to keep the shungite pieces together, I am cautious when I put it on and take it off. I purchased another "attuned" shungite bracelet and twice elastic broke and beads were all over the floor. I am hoping that the elastic on this bracelet is of HIGHER QUALITY.
KJ Kovach


I thought I purchased a silver pendant, but I receive a black one. I'm not very happy that it was different than the product picture.

I keep coming back!

This is the only real Shungite I've seen on the market. I have several pieces and I can feel it in my joints if I do not have the phone pieces on especially. THANK YOU for providing the real deal.

Tested for legitimacy

Tested after buying, it is 100% real, although you don't notice any effects while you wearing it, when i did take it off after a few days i got a really gross feeling in my head and chest. and not sure if it is coincidence or not but the one i gave one to my 5 year old son to wear, i noticed he stopped stuttering and was more able to concentrate on the words he was trying to get out of his mouth when hes wearing it. EMF can cause brain fog and maybe this is why he was stuttering.

What marvelous Happiness !

Wonderful service ! I'm so glad they resized the bracelet to fit my small wrist. I like how my elite shungite bracelet really shows that it is high quality. I couldn't sleep 5 hours in my room, I was tormented but since I wear my bracelet, I sleep like a baby and I snore like an airplane. You are men of integrity, I intend to order for my cell, my laptop. Thank you for being serious.

Good work !

Jordan G.
The Real Deal

I did a lot of research about shungite before purchasing for my wife, and I remained skeptical about the claims until we received the necklace. My wife is very EMF sensitive and as soon as she put it on she felt and IMMEDIATE difference. She wore it night and day for several days and then forgot to put it after taking a shower one day and there was a noticeable difference in her mood and how she felt, particularly about intrusive emotional and spiritual energies. Almost immediately after putting it back on, the problems and problematic energies dissipated. She experienced greater peace and calm with it on. This is the real deal!

Vera P.

Very happy with my pendant and customer service as well as informative reputable website! I purchased it mainly for various health benefits including emf protection.
What I notice is that although I have been dealing with the stress of my daughter's relationship breakup with her partner, I have been able to be more calm.

Beautiful piece

Thank you for your great explanations and videos so that I can better understand this amazing stone. I absolutely love it, and feel better knowing that I’m protected when wearing it.


Not sure about its health benefits but I like it and I like to wear it. 🤷‍♂️