Collection: Shungite Water Bottles

This Shungite glass and bamboo water infuser is double-wall insulated and made with absolutely no synthetic materials.

Shungite water has been proven in peer-reviewed scientific journals to filter water by removing contaminants and organic substances like pesticides (source: Nanotechnology Research and Practice, 2018, 5(1)) as well as remove radioactive compounds from water (see blog post)

The bottle kit includes 72 grams of pure, Verified and Certified Deep Mine Type 1 Elite Noble, which has been ultrasonically cleansed to remove any residue. Unlike Type 2 and Type 3 Shungite, this package includes our Deep Mine Elite Type 1 Shungite has been certified by an independent testing lab in Karelia to have 97.8% Fullerene-configured Shungite - therefore only trace amounts of other minerals.

As the inherent power of the 2 billion year old Shungite Stones maintain their power forever, they will never need to be replaced. Simply put in an ultrasonic cleaner periodically to shake loose built up oils and sediment. Shungite-treated water is not available commercially, but if it was, it would cost a fortune. Imagine drinking purified, Shungite-treated water for years - and never have to re-charge or change stones.

Do not ever - ever - boil Shungite stones in water. It will release dangerous singlet oxygen. Use ONLY the ultrasonic cleaner.

Shungite is pH-stabilizing, shifting acidic water or alkaline water towards neutral, just like natural spring water.

To activate your water, simply put the stones in the bottom aerated compartment, add water and wait for two hours. 

The tops and bottoms are natural bamboo, with a wool carry satchel included.