Angry "Expert" on Metering Shows How She Cannot Operate A Multi-Meter

In my latest video, I address a recent incident where an angry customer threatened to discredit our product to her substantial following of "1.5 million views each post." This customer had purchased three CellPlates from us but unfortunately conducted the test incorrectly, demanding a refund, reimbursement for postage costs, and even uploaded a misleading test video.

Despite our team's efforts to provide accurate instructions for testing EMF attenuation with CellPlates, the customer's video showcased an improper test method, rendering the results invalid. Throughout the test, the customer used an uncalibrated multimeter, which remained unchanged, ultimately misrepresenting the efficacy of our product.

I delve into the specifics of the incorrect testing methodology showcased in the video, highlighting the importance of proper calibration and testing procedures. It's crucial to clarify the intended use of CellPlates for EMF attenuation and provide insights into how customers can accurately assess their effectiveness.

Join me as we address misconceptions and provide clarity on the performance of CellPlates in mitigating EMF exposure. Stay informed and empowered with accurate information regarding our products.

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