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Shungite is the only material that you can attach to your mobile phone which has been proven in medical literature to shield radiation in testing (click here to read the article).

Anything above 10 is considered dangerous - watch this video to see the dramatic difference. I've designed this extra large shield (2-1/8" in diameter) to not only have a lot of Type 2 Shungite on your phone, but the large size of the shield puts your fingers in direct contact to synthetic spin-neutralizing Shungite. This is a must-have item for Shungite vs EMF Protection. Comes in a gift box.

This Shungite shield has a double-sided adhesive that will stick (very securely) to flat surfaces. The case (and phone!) are not included.

It is meant to be stuck on the case, not the phone. Shungite works by touching your skin - so touching the stone during a call will counter the synthetic spin of emitted radiation. It is very important to turn your device to AIRPLANE mode whenever you are not actively scrolling!

Simply clean the surface with alcohol or windex, and affix the plate. (The cellphone case is not included.)

Please note that cellphone emissions are proven to be extremely hazardous to health, and therefore it's recommended to put your phone on "AIRPLANE" mode whenever not in use. Check for messages and email periodically, then disable wireless emissions as much and as often as possible.

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