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Elite Bracelets allow you to wear 97% pure fullerene type 1 Shungite 24/7/365. Until now, we only had one pendant style, and the natural rocks for sale. 

Wearing Shungite is the best practice for maximum relief. Shungite should touch your skin, and be nearer to 1) chakra points - which are the neural pathway to all of the neural pathways in the body. Touching the skin allows you to have constant influx of a huge flux of natural quantum spin, which repels synthetic spin from man-made chemicals, radiation, and poisons.

The diameter is 6-7 inches (there is an adjustable chain and clasp mounting system).

Every single "bead" in this bracelet is a hand-chosen elite shungite stone, carefully matched with the other beads, to create a perfect set. These are very difficult to make due to the brittle structure of Type 1 Elite Shungite. A small hole has to be drilled, but in that drilling, some of the beads are destroyed.

Wrist bracelets are idea for protecting your body further (in conjunction with the cell plates) because they attenuate the harmful flux from touching the surface of your EMF-emitting mobile device directly. It is imperative that you leave the phone on "Airplane" mode all evening long, and charge it in another room. But we all know that the phone is a very helpful tool, and must be used in modern society, so alleviate the damage to your cells by protecting your body with the only known product to shield sensitive tissues to EMF damage (see article from pubmed)

Each piece is tested for authenticity by conductivity test, and weighed. They come in a gift bag with certification seal.

This pendant from Canada within one business day. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As these stones arrive in very small quantities from Russia, they are individually tested, videotaped and photographed. As this is made with raw stones, they are fragile, and should not be worn for work or if you are rough on your jewelry.

For information regarding the uses and benefits for Shungite, please refer to the resources on the site.

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