#Shungite Buying Guide


There are three factors which determine protection from harmful energy:

  1. Weight
  2. Purity
  3. Amount of direct contact with skin

Each of the items on the catalog are described by Weight/Purity

Purity Designations: Type 1 vs Type 2

Type 1 and Type 2 are both effective. Type 2 is less potent by about 25%. Therefore, a 12.5g Type 2 piece has the same effectiveness as a 10g Type 1 piece. It is that simple.

Type 1 Elite Shungite is about 97% fullerene content. These are offered in raw stones only as they cannot be manufactured into shapes - they are too fragile for this. Type 1 Shungite can be worn in pendants - this is what I wear.

If an elite type 1 stone has a DMG (or "Deep Mine") designation, it is extremely rare and has collector value, as well as slightly higher purity. (click here to see demonstration video). Type 1 offers extremely strong protective plus strong healing and recovery benefits. See chart above for an orientation to the different uses.

Type 2 Shungite is about 75% Fullerene content, less powerful but can be manufactured into wearable pieces.  They are very easy to counterfeit, so it is highly advised to perform a conductivity test on the product to test for authenticity. We do this for every item presented on the store. 

Click here to see how a conductivity test is used to immediately identify counterfeit Shungite.

Shungite is most effective when worn as its counter-spin properties radiate outwards. This is why I have found that placing them near routers or other EMF sources in the home may not be entirely curative - because when you walk away from the router, you walk into the hot zone of another source (for example, a wireless printer or smart home device). Wearing it on you is direct protection from all sources that surround you.