What Is The Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Shungite?

Elite Shungite (Type I): This is often considered the highest quality and is sometimes referred to as Type I or "Noble" Shungite. Ours has a lab-certified carbon content of 97.8% Fullerene. It has a shiny, black-glass-like luster and is the purest form. Ours are sourced from deep in the mine, giving our DMG classification of stone not only the highest fullerene content, but large smooth surfaces that show a mesmerizing "ripple" pattern. Elite Shungite is fragile, like glass, and therefore cannot be manufactured into jewelry or cell plates. For those purposes, we have Type II classification of Shungite. 

 Type II Shungite:  Ours has a lab-certified content of 75.2% Fullerene Carbon. This type is highly valued for its health benefits and is used for direct contact with skin, including making shungite cell plates and jewelry. It is also useful for water treatment, though not as potent as Type 1.

Type II Shungite Fullerene Content 75.2%

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