What is Deep Mine Elite Type 1 Noble #Shungite?

What a mouthful. I don't know why they call it "Noble" as well as "Type 1" but I've only really been "into" #Shungite for a couple of years, so I want to follow convention.

I wouldn't have known about Deep Mine until my mine rep in Russia told me about it. He said there was an amazingly precious type of Type 1's that looked like smooth glass, and it got that way by being deeper in the mine (closer to the center of the crater?) so he sent me a sample and - quite honestly, that's now what I have in my personal collection. They're just amazingly beautiful to touch and feel. Same fullerene content as other Type 1's (they're very very light) but just more beautiful. 

In this video, I show the difference between Type 1 and Deep Mine Type 1's:

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