The Scientific Basis Behind Shungite and Fullerenes


  • Michael – your order #1096 confirmation was sent to: The shipping time varies – we’ve found the US to be unpredictable lately, but we have not lost a package yet.

    Gary Fong
  • I didn’t get a purchase or shipping confirmation for my order on the 11th and I live in the US. Has it shipped? What is the typical Canada to US delivery time?

  • It’s back. After I did a post showing a radiation reading in downtown Kelowna, YouTube took my channel down for a day. This is the second time they did that – the first was when I announced that Kelowna was to become Canada’s first “Pilot Program 5G Test City” – they closed it down for a week. (Censorship)

    Gary Fong
  • Hi Gary, I found your video on shungite and fuller ness informative but it’s not on YouTube anymore. Is there any way I can watch it again. Please let me know thank you.

    Tahera Ayazi

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