Synthetics Vs Nature

My degree in Pharmacology taught me so much. It taught me that what threatens our health most is synthetic pollution; toxins and electrical disturbances synthesized by man. So we cure those synthetic toxins with synthetic pharmacological "solutions" which address symptomatology more than the affliction.
Acupuncturists have had to adapt, because the herbal cures and practices honed over thousands of years in Oriental Medicine worked great when there were no synthetics. Acupuncturists and Herbalists have to navigate around this synthetic wasteland, like a gardener working hard at making a polluted garden filled with plastic bottles thrive. Eastern Medicine is awesome - it understands the blockage of energy, and redirects it. But when you pollute a body with multiple synthetic toxins, it becomes confusing. You find yourself weighing benefit vs side effects until it becomes a science of its own... a science known as Pharmacology.
I knew it was garbage when i studied it. We spent weeks on learning why Aspartame was "biologically inert". We were told that laboratory mice that developed cancers only did so because they were fed (in comparative body mass) five pounds of aspartame per day.
I was the only graduate of Pharmacology from UCSB since the inception of their program eight years prior who didn't go to medical school. Instead, I became a wedding photographer.
I have many friends who are MD's, many who are exhausted after years of monotonous clinical practice ("say aaaah") or are just too inundated with the latest from their pharmaceutical sales rep to look further into Nature's natural healing ways.
Few people know this, but before the AMA had a monopoly on Western medical practices, there was the 3HO organization. It stood for "Happy, Healthy, Holy" and it promoted natural cures and vibrant living over the brute force methods of trauma cures (surgery, chemotherapy) and symptomatic cures - over addressing how to sooth the affliction.
I never knew why my path led me through four years of absolute bullshit. I couldn't understand why I had to study radiology and nuclear medicine at UCLA's Med School. I thought it was of no use to me.
But now I know those years were important to me - to teach me a lesson. Our bodies are not synthetic, nature is not synthetic, so though man thinks it can improve on nature (make food last longer before spoilage, "fat-free" yogurt, etc) nature has what modern man could never have: 1) the backing of the Universe's energy and 2) Billions of years perfecting the balance of harmonious biological systems.
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