Scientific Evidence Supporting Shungite's Properties

(Note: To see the wealth of published medical articles about Shungite, simply click here to google "pubmed shungite". Below are a few notable samples. To see the actual article, simply click on the image.)


Mobile phone induced EMF stress is reversed upon the use of Shungite Cell Plate and Raw Type 1 Pendant

"In both experiments, exposure to EMF decreased HRV and increased salivary cortisol. In the protective experimental condition, HRV increased above and cortisol decreased below the level of the baseline measures. All differences were large and specific and not modulated by non-specific effects like placebo effects."


Shungite is the only source medically proven in peer-reviewed studies to shield EMF damage: 

Shungite Kills Bacteria and Viruses, Purifies Water, Reduces Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Eases Physical Ailments (source Healthline)


Shungite's anti-bacterial properties were known as early as the 18th century. (source: wikipedia)

The discovery of Shungite's "Carbon 60 Fullerene" molecular structure led to the 1966 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Shungite's Fullerenes Knock Out Virus Infections Like HIV and HSV: (source: Physics.Org

Fullerene compounds knock out virus infections like HIV and HSV


Shungite Doubles The Lifespan Of Laboratory Mice (source-Pubmed)


Shungite Is A Powerful Antioxidant, and Binds to Free Radicals. (source:


Shungite is a powerful antioxidant as published by NIH/


Discovery Of Shungite For Propagation Of Cucumber Crops (source: NIH/Pubmed)




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