How To Calibrate a Tri-field EMF/EF/RF Meter

I find these radiation meters to be fascinating. When the 5G towers went up all over my city of Kelowna, BC Canada, reports were circulating of people having brain fog, ringing in the ears, sudden unprovoked waves of anxiety. I met a group of people who had meters, so I bought one and pored over the owner's manual to learn how it works. I majored in Physics at UCLA, studied Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the UCLA Medical School, and then graduated with a degree in Pharmacology. In 1983, there were only twelve graduates with a B.S. Pharmacology in the nation, I learned so much about drug engineering, that I knew that going to medical school was not for me, and pursued a career in photography,. But I found the science to be fascinating.

So to be able to purchase a tri-field meter in 2017 was an amazing opportunity thanks to miniaturization and mass-manufacturing. I took it everywhere, logging the high radiation levels I found after the rollout *(during the pandemic lockdown (11,800x higher than safe levels!) - 5G towers were going up everywhere, in the darkness of night. After this, we saw a wave of sickness, injuries and amazingly toxic. Please see this video for yourself, and see how high the radiation was. 

This prompted a wave of local residents taking their tri-field meters everywhere around town. Some found confusing readings that didn't make sense. Invariably, these meters were not calibrated. 

Calibration of your meter is necessary to produce sensible readings. In calibrating your meter, you need to be in an environment where this is no external EMF pollution. One place that I have found that is guaranteed radiation-free is the inside of an unplugged microwave. These microwaves are heavily insulated so that minimum radiation leaks out. Using that knowledge, it's easy to understand that calibrating a meter inside a microwave would be one (of many) ways to calibrate in a flux-free environment. 

I've had customers return a product within days, reporting that their meter shows no reduction in reading, and therefore, the shungite must be fake. I assure you it's not fake - and everything we sell through here is tested for conductivity. Invariably, when I get a support request saying that the meter shows no reduction, I ask if the meter has been calibrated, and I have found that few people are aware that the meter must be calibrated before measuring.

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