How Does Shungite Work? (for non-scientists)

Imagine that you are sitting in a very still pond. A short distance away, someone drops something in the pond, and the ripples rapidly approach you. Imagine those ripples are dangerous to you, so you drop a pebble in front of you to send out waves to counteract the incoming waves. This is how Shungite works.

On a quantum level, I've explained how it generates a spin direction that is in the same direction as all things natural. All things synthetic have an energetic spin that spins in the opposite direction, which is why these things wreak such havoc in biological systems. Nature has had billions of years to perfect the harmonious balance of everything on earth - predator/prey relationships in the plant and animal kingdom, the ratio of carbon dioxide vs oxygen vs ozone, etc.

Here comes mankind with massively disruptive devices which all spin counter to universal and life energy. These things influence the delicate balance of everything in our bodies, creating violent reactions such as mutagenesis, aneurysms, etc.

Think of Shungite as "noise reduction headphones' for your body's health. Putting a block of Shungite next to your router will only create an EMF shadow around the router. Won't help you when you sit next to a blue-tooth enamed printer. And as far as AirBuds, or Bluetooth headphones.

I won't tell you what to do, but I love all of you so THROW THOSE STUPID WIRELESS HEADPHONES AWAY!

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