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Shungite Ultrasonic Cleanser

Shungite Ultrasonic Cleanser

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The best way to clean Shungite is with ultrasonic waves moving through clean water.

In this way, the high-frequency vibrational energy (and non-destructive sound waves used for ultrasounds during pregnancy) gently vibrates off the particulate matter of oils, pollution, toxins, etc. 

This is the ONLY way to effectively clean Shungite. Soap will get absorbed in the shungite and can only be removed with an ultrasonic cleanser.

Never boil Shungite stones for cleaning! 

Our portable ultrasonic cleaner is easy to travel with. Requires two AA batteries (not included). It weighs only 223g, boxed. It comes with a lid to double as a carrying case for your precious stones. 7"x3".

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