Unsolicited Testimonials

From: - Jean-Paul Massie, Rawdon Quebec

I've spent hours and hours on the internet reading about Shungite, looking about distributors and what speech they're selling. I've spent hours on your website to read and watch everything. I see you have a huge amount of knowledge (technical and spiritual) and experience in life. What I like the most about you, frankly, is your honesty. You are a pragmatic thinker, not a psychic/spiritual bullshitter. I mean, you don't rely on new age (fake or true) psychic theories to tell people what Shungite does, and why it is great.

From: - Crystal M. Temple City, CA I never really write reviews, but this time I absolutely had to.  Gary went above and beyond any expectations of customer service and genuinely cared about teaching me how to use my shungite. The pieces I purchased are gorgeously unique and beautiful. I purchased the necklaces for myself and my children, and I’m definitely going to be getting more for my extended family and friends. We have been wearing our necklaces every day. The length of the necklace and the size of the shungite is perfect. The education Gary provides is amazing! 100% worth it!!

From: Mya S. Penticton, BC With so much fake shungite out there, I love knowing that what I’ve bought is the real deal. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my family is being protected.

From: Michelle Salmon. UK Before finding your company, I purchased quite a bit of Type 1 Shungite from another store (on Ebay). It does not pass my multi-meter test. It seems to get "confused", so I've been concerned about that, especially because my father insists on still using it. So, I made sure to get him a piece from your store. Now, he uses that and the other shungite from the other store. My mom got Covid, and he did not. We believe this is to do with the fact that he has been consuming shungite-invused water since October. Now my mom has post-covid symptoms, and is drinking it too!

From: Kate Y. - Kelowna, BC Gary’s shungite is wonderful. I placed it over my pineal gland on my forehead and felt an amazing shift in long standing neck pain and stiffness. I wear it every day now!

From: Maureena Joy - Kelowna BC After buying fake Shungite, I was sure to do more research before repurchasing... and I found Gary and this website. I bought a few pieces that I am super happy with! Even my EMF meter proves this Shungite is effective.

From: Jami Lyn - Kelowna BC For over 5 years I have been cell phone free.
As an electrically sensitive person by nature, (with the addition of two titanium appliances surgically installed in my wrist and spine to fuse broken bones) I have found the increase in EMF radiation by local 5G towers palpably disruptive to my physiological state.
With new symptoms beginning mid-July, ranging from headaches, overstimulation of the nervous system, noise and light sensitivity, and a feeling of “spinning out”. I began to connect the dots, and knew this was environmental overload. I have spent a fair bit of time in nature, far from the city, and all symptoms would completely disappear. When I returned to the city, I would immediately commence my coping methods of mega-dosing herbs to maintain functionality.
Fortuitously, I ran into my dear friend Gary one afternoon when I was feeling quite out of sorts. He placed a piece of shungite on my forehead and in an instant, I felt my whole energetic field slow down and reverse, to its natural rotation of clockwise spin.
I now believe my system was working in overdrive to “throw off” the toxic radiation of an environment saturated in EMF’s.
I have since received a shungite mala bracelet which I have only removed to bathe. I will be gifting a bracelet to each of my family members for Christmas, as I believe even those who aren’t as sensitive, are still affected.
I highly recommend this technology to anyone who has difficulty integrating these new energies, anyone with symptoms, and everyone who has the awareness of the effect these frequencies have on the body.
I thank Gary for doing his due diligence on sourcing and distributing quality shungite.
From: Rhea S, Fairfield CA 
I first discovered you through YouTube searches for how to verify that shungite is real. I bought my first very tiny 2.24 gram elite shungite in February 2020 in person at a gem show. I was lucky; I had a chance to see the real thing in person and experience the cooling and grounding sensation. After stay-at-home orders took hold of the planet I looked for a proper collector's piece without success, especially after seeing what were clearly fake blobs of... stuff (for lack of a better word). Once I saw your educational videos I subscribed to your newsletter to watch for "the one." I waited through a few shipments and finally saw the one that I knew I had to have.
I've slept with DMG 10989 on my nightstand since I got it. I have less need for "white noise" than I used to before, and have slept more peacefully without stress dreams. Best yet is I can sleep through the night now, instead of broken fragments that never let me complete a full REM cycle. Tonight I had tinnitus creep into my right ear. Since I had my Verified Shungite chunk right in front of me, I tried placing it against my head, just behind my ear in that bare spot between the ear and hairline. For 1-2 seconds nothing happened then the darnedest thing: it faded. Completely.  Thank you for sourcing and offering great specimens. I like the soft polish (is it acid rinsed to blunt the sharp edges while letting it retain its natural conchoidal fracture? I have calcite chunks finished this way and it's really nice) and the overall aesthetic of my Verified Shungite. You have a good partnership with your miner so I'm glad you offer these pieces. They're so worth the money.
From: Peter MacKay, New Zealand

I slept like a baby for the first time in decades -- and I had only taken the shungite out of the box and hung it around the chair at my bedside until morning. I've never known such a deep sleep -- and believe me, Gary, sleep is alien to me these days, with all the pills and painkillers I've been taking for years. It could be a coincidence, but you and I know it isn't!

From: Blaine Patton, USPTA Tennis Professional - California

I hadn’t been able to run for quite a few years since I had a total hip replacement. Because of a artery blockage in my left leg, I couldn't walk for more than 75 feet (which as a top teaching professional for world-class junior players, this was a problem!). I purchased a Horizontal Tile Bracelet and put it on my left ankle.  Because of Shungite, now I can walk for miles, and I can hit the ball against anyone in the world, like I am used to.

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yea its cool

Haven't noticed anything major though I do feel lot more comfortable while being in high EMF areas

The shungite looks very fancy already but becomes even more beautiful when the sun shines on it which is a plus

Austin Swark
12.45g elite pendant

Not much to say. Excellent quality, can feel the protection when in cities or around cell/5g towers. Satisfied completely

Shungite Ultrasonic Cleanser
Deborah Donie Seligson
Sonic. Cleaner

Works great and so easy!

Elegant and Effective!

I bought 2 of these excellent Shungite medallions last year to combat harmful radiation from various everyday devices. Last week, while listening to Clif High's podcast, he mentioned how extraordinarily effective even a tiny piece of Shungite is (much smaller than the ones I have ordered from Verified Shungite); Mr. High has invented and patented many measuring instruments, and he measured the resistance in a tiny chunk of Shungite, finding it to be remarkably efficient at reducing to nearly nil the radiation from a computer. Now I'm assured my laptop, my cellphone, etc., cannot harm me if I'm wearing my Type 2 Verified Shungite necklace. I only remove mine to shower; otherwise, I wear it 24/7. This is what "peace of mind" is all about in today's world. Just bought my 3rd medallion. My best regards to you, Mr. Fong!

Shungite Tile bracelet!

Great bracelet! I feel more protected when i hold my phone and in general from emf’s….and easy to wear 24/7💃🏻

I believe my Shungite pendant has helped my arrhythmia

Wonderful service and I’m happy to know that the Shungite I purchased is authentic. I was hoping the Shungite would help with my ongoing heart issues (arrhythmia) and I’m happy to say I think it has had a positive effect. Overall I can highly recommend this product and this company.

Joseph Lo
Very Happy

This is a very valuable peice of Elite Shungite that I ordered here. It is authentic as I did do my own testing. I am very greatful that a trust worthy source of Shungite is available through this website. Thank you Gary Fong!

I wipe it down then as soon as I put it around my neck I noticed it was doing something special, energetically I felt more at ease and for a few days I was sleeping soundly as if protected by a shield, I'm still experimenting with this light being

Carbon Dust

Love the necklace but the Carbon was turning my neck black. I now wear the beads on my wrist with no issue.

Balancing quality

My daughter and I ordered 2 raw elite pendants and 1 obelisk. We both feel that the all the pendants balance our energy, make us feel calm, content and not wanting to part with it. It doesn't even let me yell at my husband ( ha-ha).

Great design

Thanks for producing the water bottle. I'm loving it. It's easy, beautifully designed, and a great use of smaller pieces of shungite.

New to cell phone

Got my cell phone a short while ago. Still trying to learn how to use it. Put the Shungite disk on it to be safe and protected. Haven't noticed anything yet, but I feel more comfortable with it on the cell phone.

my braclet

I really like the product but when I contacted the company to ask about the sizing of the bracelets - as I have an average female wrist. - they told me to order the large. It was way too big - and I had to get it taken to a jewellers to get it sized properly and had to spend an extra $30. If you have an average female sized wrist do not get the large.


I love my shungite insulated water bottle. I'm very happy with my purchase and the service is excellent. Thank you Gary!

Mary Dama
Shungite Pendant

Love the pendant and like how it adjusts. quality.

My Friends friends are coming shopping.

I gifted a lady friend for her cell, she had a lunch date with a group of her friends, and all were interested. Time will tell.
I have the large one on my laptop and two of the cell discs on my flat screen. Again time will tell as to the effects.

Thank you for getting these out.


Have you received any positive feed back. I was made aware of cell dangers when they first came ot as I was selling them, back when they were analogue. ow does digital now affect the body??

have you read George Carlos' book, "Cellphones"??



I just received my bracelet yesterday AND it is of great quality as well as it looks really good on my wrist!
Since there is a stretch band to keep the shungite pieces together, I am cautious when I put it on and take it off. I purchased another "attuned" shungite bracelet and twice elastic broke and beads were all over the floor. I am hoping that the elastic on this bracelet is of HIGHER QUALITY.
KJ Kovach


I thought I purchased a silver pendant, but I receive a black one. I'm not very happy that it was different than the product picture.

I keep coming back!

This is the only real Shungite I've seen on the market. I have several pieces and I can feel it in my joints if I do not have the phone pieces on especially. THANK YOU for providing the real deal.

Tested for legitimacy

Tested after buying, it is 100% real, although you don't notice any effects while you wearing it, when i did take it off after a few days i got a really gross feeling in my head and chest. and not sure if it is coincidence or not but the one i gave one to my 5 year old son to wear, i noticed he stopped stuttering and was more able to concentrate on the words he was trying to get out of his mouth when hes wearing it. EMF can cause brain fog and maybe this is why he was stuttering.

What marvelous Happiness !

Wonderful service ! I'm so glad they resized the bracelet to fit my small wrist. I like how my elite shungite bracelet really shows that it is high quality. I couldn't sleep 5 hours in my room, I was tormented but since I wear my bracelet, I sleep like a baby and I snore like an airplane. You are men of integrity, I intend to order for my cell, my laptop. Thank you for being serious.

Good work !

Jordan G.
The Real Deal

I did a lot of research about shungite before purchasing for my wife, and I remained skeptical about the claims until we received the necklace. My wife is very EMF sensitive and as soon as she put it on she felt and IMMEDIATE difference. She wore it night and day for several days and then forgot to put it after taking a shower one day and there was a noticeable difference in her mood and how she felt, particularly about intrusive emotional and spiritual energies. Almost immediately after putting it back on, the problems and problematic energies dissipated. She experienced greater peace and calm with it on. This is the real deal!

Vera P.

Very happy with my pendant and customer service as well as informative reputable website! I purchased it mainly for various health benefits including emf protection.
What I notice is that although I have been dealing with the stress of my daughter's relationship breakup with her partner, I have been able to be more calm.

Beautiful piece

Thank you for your great explanations and videos so that I can better understand this amazing stone. I absolutely love it, and feel better knowing that I’m protected when wearing it.


Not sure about its health benefits but I like it and I like to wear it. 🤷‍♂️