Why Purchase Your Shungite Here?


Our Deep Mine Type 1 Shungite is the purest, as seen in our independent lab test. Most Shungite that exists in manufactured form (pyramids, eggs, etc) are Type 3, which is about 30% Carbon - all of it uncertified, none of it tested.

Fake Shungite is commonly sold on the internet, in the form of Hematite (which can be purchased for $3 a pound) or in the case of Amazon, black plastic. If the Shungite is cheap, it's fake. It will provide you none of the benefits of genuine Shungite.

We ship from North America. When shipping from Russia on a small product, the shipping options pricy. Here's an example order from a Russian Shungite site. I'm purchasing a $19 pendant - there are two choices - Russian Post for $12 (which takes 30-60 working days - one shipment arrived six months later!) or, you can go UPS for $58.

When the package arrives, the tariff is 850%.

Here are two examples of counterfeits. The first one was sold on Amazon - (read the user reviews before ever buying - this one had reviews saying it was fake)

There is paint gooping over the mounting hook. Fake Shungite is jet black, heavy and smooth in texture. Jagged edges cannot come off a plastic mold.

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I would like to purchase the men’s shungite bracelet with large shaped shungite. Are these bracelets strung with strong elastic? I look the large stone (rectangular) look compared with the round beads. Do you still have one available?
Many thanks!
KJ Kovach

Ken Kovach

Hello I am interested in purchasing shungite from you how do I see products to choose from ,and do you to Toronto Ontario , Cheers Patrick…


Hi Gary I want to buy a piece of elite shungite Please email me regarding availabilty. Thank you

mary hall

So can i put this stuff in water? Like a stone in the bottom of my water bottle or glasses? I am thinking along the lines of how water’s molecular structure can be damaged and that shungite can realign it. I know there was a famous Austrian (Viktor Schauberger) that messed about with water and rivers, and figured out that the vortex alters the structure or something as well. Lemme know… PS: I bought the cell phone piece for myself and my mother for Christmas. You are doing God’s work my friend!! So much love to you!!

Bradford Scott

Hey Gary how can you verify this Shungite?

Michael Ioannou

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