The Difference Between "The World" and "The Earth".

There is a huge difference between the world, and the earth. The world is armies, borders, currencies, taxes. The earth is forests, streams, eucalyptus trees, a babbling brook.
People instinctively know this. Nobody says "the richest man on earth" they say, "the richest man in the world". Nobody says, "he has the weight of the earth on his shoulders", they say, "he has the weight of the world on his shoulders."
The "world" is a construct of man and society. In that construct, society burdens you with expectations and insecurities, because society indoctrinates you to compare yourself with others.
This all starts around first grade, when we get our first report card. And spelling bees. And continues into high school, where we vote on, "most likely to succeed", "best looking". etc.
My mentor is the deer in the woods. The deer is incapable of worry. The only time it is on alert is when it hears a rustling in the bushes. It stops, monitors the situation, and if there is no threat, it forgot about the existence of predators.
The universe can guide you. It guides beavers into building dams. It guides squirrels to store nuts for winter.
Man and society kills everything it touches. My floor is made of wood from a tree that once provided shade for deer, and produced tons of oxygen per year. The sofa was once on a cow that would nurse its calf. Autoimmune diseases - Tarzan would never have one, because the body would never let its defense and immunity systems kill itself - unless it was faced with an antigen it had no idea what to do with... an antigen foreign to nature, an antigen that is synthetic; man-made.
Stop and think about what I said. Everything man touches dies. Then you'll realize that it's because synthetics have a counter-spin that undoes the delicate balancing act of nature, and billions of years of refining and evolution.
This is why I am so critical of western medicine. We're great at trauma care - no doubt - but when it comes to health, all I learned about in Pharmacology was that what ails human health is exposure to synthetics. And we try to cure those ailments with synthetic compounds!
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