Protecting Children From Radiation With Silver Fiber - EMF Blocking Qualities

If you've watched my YouTube videos, you may have noticed that I am always wearing a "Beanie" or a Ballcap. For years, I have worn headgear with silver fabric lining. This is due to my discovery that it is superior for blocking radiation.

Brain cancer rates are skyrocketing, most disturbedly, among children and infants! A child's skull is only about 1mm at childbirth - but there are "soft spots" where the skull has not developed, leaving the tender brain tissue protected only by a thin layer of skin. It is well-known that radiation causes cell damage, which is why government regulators test using a measurement called "S.A.R." or "Specific Absorption Rates". These measurements are done at the surface of the skin (see this link). Did it ever occur to anybody that if a child has no skull (or a thin one) that the radiation at the surface could easily penetrate into the brain, and cause cancer?

Here's what we know about childhood cancer rates since the widespread implementation of 5G:

Proponents of cellular use will argue that many tests are "inconclusive", but why wait until they find "conclusive" proof that cell phone radiation exposure will definitely cause cancer? Why not take action now?
There are a number of "EMF blocking fabrics" out there, but ours are 42% Silver. Cheap (and ineffective) so-called "EMF shielding fabrics" (note - there is a difference in EMF Blocking and "Shielding") have either copper/iron fabric (way less conductive - and iron will rust) or silver "coated" fabric which will quickly rub off and become useless for blocking.
In my tests, I do two different measurements: 1) I test for conductivity and 2) I test for shielding.
Why conductivity?
As you'll see in my tests, I always test a material with a multimeter to test for conductivity. Conductivity means that electrons (or any type of flux) can freely pass through a material. Resistance means that you're insulated from electron flow (in otherwords, electricity). EMF protection materials are highly conductive.
If this is a little complicated, let me try to explain it another way:
Lightning can strike anywhere, but it favors the lightning rod. A lightning rod is simply a metal pole stuck into the ground. Lightning is highly charged electricity (thus, swarming with electrons) and the earth is ground. The rod, being metal, is conductive. Therefore - violent electrical energy will "seek" a conductive material to use as a conduit to dissipate charge into the earth.
Radiation is similar in this analogy. The high flux of energy seeks a conductive material to "dump" into. That's why my first test is with the multimeter. The multimeter has two cables, one to "dump" electrons, and the other to receive them. How freely these electrons move through the conductive material will dictate how "conductive" the material is. The opposite of this is resistance - in which the electrons are blocked. Materials which block electron flow are called "insulators". Rubber is a great insulator. This is why rubber-soled shoes can protect you from electrical shock if the water that you're standing on is high in voltage. 
Shungite is an amazing conductor. So is silver. This is why they are the front line of defense in reducing the amount of radiation that can enter your body.
The tri-meter test is a little more self-explanatory. I use it to measure EF radiation (the standard for measuring microwave radiation). If I have a material that "mutes" the hostile flux of radiation energy, the meter will show the drop in Volts per meter. 
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