All About Orgonite

A friend of mine purchased this Orgonite "EMF-Blocking" pyramid from a local crystal store, and asked me to test it as she said it did nothing whatsoever.

So I tested it. It failed. Watch this comparison between the Orgonite Pyramid and our Shungite raw stone bracelets:

Why did it fail?

Orgonite has no crystalline properties. It is the crystalline structure of crystals that can direct energy flow. Everything that occurs in nature has a harmonious spin with everything in the Universe. Anything synthetic has an opposite quantum spin. Shungite works because of its piezoelectric properties, reversing synthetic spin through a phenomenon known as phase conjugation.

So for two big reasons, Orgonite would have no benefit, outside of placebo relief.

Orgonite is made of poured epoxy resin. If you google epoxy resin, you'll get this result:

It also has toxic properties:

I can't understand how Orgonite became attached to Anti-EMF solutions. So I continued googling, and I found this outrageous piece of marketing!

The former marketing director for this company showed me the one he was wearing, and asked if I could test it. But before I did, I immediately spotted the air bubbles. Crystals do not have air bubbles!

$399 for a piece of epoxy resin. You can find a nearly identical product on Etsy for $18 - it also has the big air bubble.

According to the product description for the $399 "Protector Crystal" version  - this pendant is a "pure form of crystal" from Germany...

The product description goes on to explain that this "German Crystal" was created by combining enzymes and vitamins (as well as "colors of the spectrum" and Oxygen!). Enzymes and vitamins would not survive the heat required to create crystals, or even poured epoxy resin. 

Many, many people have purchased so many different products to shield from EMF protection, but the only substance ever proven to prevent radiation damage is Shungite.  Click here to read more!

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